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The Innovative Business Development Consortium (IBDC) is a nonprofit 501(c)6 that provides government with a better understanding of the breadth of innovative technology being developed in the private sector. Our specialty is in high quality technologies of interest not yet used by the government. 


We are driven by the belief that the Government’s ability to access cutting-edge technology from the private sector will be a deciding factor in America’s ability to successfully address national security threats. 

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About Us

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Our Charter






From the beginning our goals were simple - connect the government with private sector visionaries. IBDC is committed to helping cutting-edge companies from across the country gain a seat at the government table.

Our purpose is to establish an “easy button” for the federal government to access technology needed to support multiple federal government missions.



















Our Goals and Objectives:

  1. Provide a simple, proven mechanism for the government to engage with non-traditional companies to simplify, enhance and expedite S&T discovery for the government.

  2. Help innovative companies prepare to work with the federal government and navigate government processes and procedures.

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