What We Do

We are an organization where small business comes together, pool resources and assets, and collectively increase their competitive edge in the government contracting arena. Through working groups built to target specific government sectors, members of any size can ensure they satisfy almost every aspect of contracts they are interested in pursuing.


When a member recognizes a contract they are interested in, either as a prime or as a subcontractor, they will notify members of their working group about the products, services or other solutions they need in order to place a bid. Then, this subset group will pool their resources and work to target the "right people" to talk to about their interest in the contract and their capabilities. 


If you would like to receive a case study on the success this method has yielded, please contact us.


SBDC also eases members' hiring processes by providing them access to the SBDC resume database. This is enables members to view a collection of pre-screened resumes at any time for hiring purposes.


We've found most small business leaders to be amazing subject matter experts. But it's hard to predict all the obstacles you'll encounter when starting and growing your own business, and many of the skills and knowledge that small business ownership requires from back office operations to human resources management and recruiting take time and effort to learn.


To help our members be successful, the SBDC offers opportunities for member companies to learn how to overcome challenges small businesses often face. The seminars feature experts from outside the SBDC as well as members with knowledge and experience with the topic.


Topics are selected based on the need of the membership.


Upcoming seminars include:


  • Bank Financing

  • Setting up an internal contracting/finance system

  • Buying and selling your business

  • How to capture government business

  • Business Development 101

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Antonella O'Brien, SBDC Executive Director